AS 3547-1997

AS_logo.jpgCertification of Redlines by Standards Australia should not be underestimated.  It involves an annual and comprehensive on-site audit of the manufacturing process as well as testing of products obtained at random from production lines, and from the packaging and dispatch areas of the factory. 

The Standard to which Redlines are Certified (AS 3547-1997 Type 1 “Breath alcohol testing devices for personal use”) was established by Committee CS/77 comprising representatives from:

  • Central Queensland University
  • Department of Transport S.A.
  • N.S.W. Police Service
  • Police Department of South Australia
  • University of Sydney
  • VicRoads
  • Victoria Police
  • Australian Association of Certification Bodies
  • Australian Automobile Association
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Australian Chamber of Manufacturers

It follows that any breathalyser device which carries AS Certification is a product which performs as required by the extremely high expectations of these organizations which created the Standard in the best interests of the Australian public.

You should therefore be very wary of believing the results of so-called ‘product testing’ undertaken by organizations which simply do not have the skills, knowledge, experience or equipment required to deliver a credible outcome (e.g. Choice Magazine).

AS Certicate 2011.JPG