Single Unit

The Redline single-test pack is a small cellophane sleeve containing one breath bag and one tester.  All ‘Instructions’, ‘Interpretation of Results’ and other appropriate information are printed on the breath bag.  They are supplied in 10-unit display boxes.


Redline single-units are ideal for:

  • Road safety and drink-driving educational campaigns and promotions.
  • At-the-workplace / OH&S testing (both 0.02%BAC and 0.05%BAC legal drink-drive levels)
  • Free availability for staff in any organization to enable them to test themselves prior to driving a vehicle or reporting for duty
  • Free availability for staff, their families and guests at corporate social or sporting functions where alcohol is served (i.e. a ‘duty of care’ application)
  • Within drug & alcohol educational programs to demonstrate the vagaries of alcohol consumption and its measurement (i.e. to clearly indicate the need for moderate consumption of alcohol and greater awareness of the drink-driving issue)
  • To enhance and promote the corporate social responsibility positioning of any company or organization with regards to drink-driving.  (Re-branded units are ideal for this purpose)



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