Redlines in an 0.02% BAC Application

6 guy blowing.jpgAustralian Standards Certification of the Redline product is only relative to its 0.05%BAC calibration.  Nevertheless, numerous international authoritative bodies have, separately, extensively tested the product regarding its capability to indicate 0.02% BAC, and tests indicated that a distinct colour change in the chemical crystals commences at 0.02% BAC.

It follows that the product could be utilized in a preliminary, non-evidentiary manner to test for 0.02% BAC levels (i.e. for ‘fit-for-duty’ testing at the workplace, etc) but only an individual experienced with the Redline unit should assess test results, according to the following guidelines:

  • Any noticeable “greening” of the crystals whatsoever will indicate a minimum BAC of 0.02%. 
  • No “greening” of the crystals will indicate less than 0.02% BAC.  However, with such a result there may be a “darkening” of the yellow tone of the crystals, which simply indicates moisture in the breath sample, and this should be considered normal. 
  • It is only with experience of the Redline unit can “greening” and “darkening” be differentiated.
  • Despite authoritative recognition that Redlines perform at this level, it should be remembered that the device was not designed or calibrated for 0.02%BAC use, and therefore test results should only be considered as an imperfect guide.