Redline Success

One of Redline’s important customers over many years has been the French Government’s road safety body Sécurité Routière which has incorporated distribution and promotion of the product within their road safety campaigns.

These campaigns have been highly successful in reducing the incidence of drink-driving throughout France, now recorded as being at their lowest level since 1955.  In 2003, as the Redline device had been recognized as an important component of these campaigns, the French Government awarded the company “Duc du Chevalier” – which is the highest honour annually granted to foreign companies for the provision of goods and services of the highest quality to the French public.  We are extremely proud of this achievement. 

There is clear evidence that when the product is widely available to the public and properly promoted, it contributes to a measurable decline in driving in excess of the legal drink-drive limit.  It thereby delivers a considerable social and economic benefit to the community in which it is sold.