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Redline Around the World

The Redline factory is producing at the rate of approximately 100 million units per year, and is now increasing its capacity in order to address the demand from Europe and numerous other regions.  The product is distributed via a network of representatives and agents to the various markets of nearly 40 countries.  You’ll find Redlines in use in countries as diverse as the Republic of Chad and the Republic of Ireland, and across the globe from Papua New Guinea to the USA.

Redline is recognised throughout the world as the leading disposable breath alcohol testing device.  It is totally unique through its extensive multi-national technical Certifications and authoritative endorsements.  Its phenomenal growth and success is attributed to the ever-growing increase in public and private sector awareness of the issues associated with drink-driving, and the consumer’s desire for an inexpensive technically superior product with proven performance.

Redline Holland www.ffblazen.nl

Redline Italy www.soffiaesai.it


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