Understanding Alcohol in Your Body

10_pack_keys.jpgResearch has proven that most people do not know that personal BAC levels can vary dramatically between individuals who have consumed similar amounts of alcohol.  It’s also not commonly known that there is no consistency in the rate that BAC increases or declines. 

The amount of alcohol in your breath after you have been drinking is influenced by many things, including how much you drank, what you have been drinking, when you last had a drink, your body mass, your recent food consumption, etc.


Consumption of food, coffee or any other beverage including water, cold showers, medical remedies, exercise or any other activity does not speed up the dissipation of alcohol by the body.  Time is the only factor in this regard.

The guidelines for ‘safe’ consumption of alcohol, intended for use by consumers to maintain their BAC below the legal drink-drive limit, can be useful – but can also be quite misleading for various individuals.  Everybody’s body is different! 

Using a Redline test removes the variable factors of BAC measurement between individuals and provides excellent guidance to responsible and legal drink-driving behaviour for anyone.  


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